Make The Perfect VW Campervan Cake with Verusca Walker!

Verusca Walker is a very talented Brazilian artist. Now, she is living and working in Australia where she does awesome cake decorations after finishing Baker and Fine Artist studies. She decided to mix these two fields in order to make the most edible art. She also has many cakes that tend to defy gravity. She is also well known for creating sparkly and colorful 3D cakes that look very life-like. Actually you may have stumbled upon some of her creations as besides tutorials on YouTube she also features in various websites and magazines. She is also available on social media like Facebook where she has over 46.000 followers.

So, if you want to connect with her and ask her for some tricks and tips and other helpful feedback you can absolutely do that. We stumbled upon one of her latest creations that really left us in awe. It`s the perfect VW campervan cake that looks pretty life-like and more than delicious. It`s the perfect birthday cake for a fellow gearhead and your kids as well. Many vehicles have achieved `classic` status, but only few stand out as iconic. One of them is most certainly the VW campervan. This creation just proves the huge passion Verusca Walker has when making various delicious creations.

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