The Easiest Way To Drill Centered Hole In Any Small Rod! No Lathe Required!

We have written about the YouTuber johnnyq90 before and he is a real mad scientist. He has a very strong passion about micro engineering and everything including DIY. So, if you are a real DIY enthusiast make sure to check out his other videos as well. One of his most insane projects is creating a rotary tool which is powered by a nitro-burning two-stroke engine. However, in this video, he doesn`t have an insane project in store but a very useful one nevertheless. In this tutorial, you can learn how to drill in the center of a small rod. The great thing about this tutorial is that no expensive tools are needed including a lathe.

We got to say, johnnyq90 sure knows how to make a tutorial and this kind of tutorials we respect and appreciate the most. It`s those tutorials that show you exactly how to progress through the project in the simplest way possible. He is not building complex gadgets in order to do his projects but rather performing simple tasks that can allow you to do huge projects. Mad respect. One of the best things we like about this tutorial is how he rotates the small piece on the sand paper in order to see where the center on the small rod is. Very smart trick indeed.

Finally, here is a great tutorial on how to drill holes!