World’s First Monster Truck FRONT FLIP By VP Racing Fuels’ “Mad Scientist”!

Monster truck competitions have evolved a lot through the years and back flips have become very common. It also never gets boring to see these gigantic machines flying in the air performing full backflips and landing perfectly without breaking anything. Just imagine the skill and concentration of the driver to do that with a 12,000 pounds monster truck! This is also an amazing feat of engineering. However, as we said, the evolution has rapidly changed the way stunts are performed and now we have the world`s first monster truck front flip ever executed! It was done by VP Racing Fuels` awesome monster truck that goes by the name of “Mad Scientist“.

VP Racing Fuels is a very serious team that everyone knows it has the potential to win some pretty serious monster jam competitions this year. However, nobody ever imagined that this team would be the first in the World to perform a monster truck front flip. What an amazing combination of truck and driver. We can`t be sure if this was planned in details by the team or they just planned to do a very cool backflip that somehow resulted in a majestic front flip. Nevertheless, VP Racing Fuels and “Mad Scientist” managed to bring home the very well deserved win. Can`t wait to see what`s in store for us next. Until then, we can enjoy this epic performance that definitely raised the bar for future monster truck competitions.

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