Must See! Rotary Tool Powered By A Nitro-Burning Two-Stroke RC Car Engine!

The cordless rotary tool is one of the most versatile tools you can find out there. Dremel-wielding users have been routing, sanding, polishing and cutting their way through tasks small and large for decades. However, do you know what is even better than batteries? The answer is Nitro. We have YouTuber johnnyq90 here to actually prove this with a custom-made rotary tool which runs on nitro-burning RC car engine! YouTuber johnnyq90 doesn`t fail to deliver yet another staggering home-made creation. This project will most definitely make your small battery-powered Dremel cower in fear. The entire project is elaborated and detailed in a 20-minute video.

The video gives a full rundown of how this staggering nitro-burning RC car engine supertool is done. However, bear in mind that this project comes with a few demanding challenges. Johnnyq90 machines almost every component literally from scratch. He uses a lathe and precise measurements in order to make them. It took him a couple of attempts with three various nitro-burning RC engines in order to make the final result. Johnnyq90 is a very skilled engineer that has made a few nitro-powered tools in the past which we have written about them in the past. One of them is a cordless drill powered by nitrous.

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