Can You Make Your Car More Fuel Efficient With Only Small Modifications? Find Out In This Video From Fifth Gear!

Some drivers claim that cars can be more fuel efficient with only small adjustments, but is this really true? With the goal of finding the answer to this question, Tim Shaw from the Fifth Gear team tries to modify an old VW Polo, using the most frequent methods. Focusing on the weight of the small hatchback, the British TV presenter removes the spare tire and the jack. By doing this, Shaw says that the car is now 26.5 pounds lighter. He replaced the jack and the spare tire with a tire weld which weighs only 16 ounces. The next step is replacing the tires.

You might be surprised to hear that up to 20% of a car`s economy comes from its tires. You might be even more surprised to hear that 80% of us have the wrong tire pressure. What Shaw is doing, is replacing the VW`s old tires with energy-efficient tires that got more silica in them and are easier to push down the road. The final modification is reprogramming the engine by installing a superchip. These chips normally make performance cars quicker but they are also boosting fuel economy. However, can these small modifications make your car more fuel efficient? Check out the video below and find out.

Here are some tips on how to save money on gas, enjoy!