Candid Camera: Loud Exhausts Make People Go MAD!

Almost every sports car nowadays has a loud exhaust. Some seem to enjoy the sound they make, others utterly hate it and are constantly disturbed by it. Loud exhausts are exactly what it is necessary to make a sports car what it is. That is why, the video you are about to see is pretty much controversial. Namely, the people in this compilation of videos seem to go crazy when they hear the sound created by the loud exhausts. In the first video we see a black Lamborghini driving on the road, and it seems like there are not many houses nearby, but the man throws a rock at the car as it passes him.

In the second video, we see a young man and an older woman who are irritated by the loud sound that is created by the exhaust of the Lamborghini. They start yelling at the men in the car to stop doing that. Just like the third video, where an upset woman yells at the car as well, and she even hits the person who is filming. The situation is the same in the next few videos. What do you think, do you approve the people`s behavior or you think there should be a better way to solve the problem?

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