FAIL: Indian Politician Makes His Wife A Lamborghini Driver, Moments Later, She Crashes Into A Rickshaw!

The Indian politician, Narendra Mehta, as a Lamborghini driver decided to surprise his wife, for her birthday. He made sure that it was hell of a surprise! He gifted her nothing other than a brand new Lamborghini Huracan!

FAIL Indian Politician Wife Lamborghini Driver Rickshaw 8

However, her joy definitely did not last for long! After taking her brand new sports car for a maiden voyage, she managed to lose control and crash into a parked rickshaw! The rickshaw was parked right across a school! She just narrowly missed hitting three pedestrians in the process! Two of these pedestrians can be seen running away in panic before the Lambo crashes! Luckily no one was hurt by this Lamborghini driver!

A young boy can be seen seated on the back seat who is aligning from the vehicle after it crashed into the rickshaw! There are also numerous motorcycle drivers looking terrified as the Lambo rams into the rickshaw! In the video, Mehta can be seen rushing to the front of the sports car to inspect it for damages. Mehta, the woman in a sky blue shirt, is afterwards seen talking to the owner of the Rickshaw, but none of their faces is visible. This video proves that not everyone is suited to be a Lamborghini driver!

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