Angry Cop Sprays Bikers On The Highway! You Have To Check This Unscrupulous Behavior!

Police officers who go beyond their duty have been an ongoing issue for quite some time. Sometimes, the actions taken by the policemen can be dubbed as questionable. Many of us have probably seen or heard about some angry cop who used way too much force, used his gun without the need for it and so forth. Some policemen can`t seem to understand the limit of their authority, and the angry cop in this video is definitely one of them!

The footage we are sharing with you comes from an unknown biker who filmed a police officer who uses spray on bikers on the highway! This footage was filmed somewhere in Texas, and the angry cop in the video is part of the Fort Worth police force. The video shows the police officer getting out of his car and starting to spray the air in front of bikers passing by him!

Luckily, nobody was hurt, as the bikers were quick to spot the angry cop and move aside. Nonetheless, this could have been much worse! Imagine if one of the bikers got spray in the eyes by accident! That would have most likely resulted in a devastating crash! The law enforcement is here to protect and serve, not to cause more trouble! Thankfully, everything ended with nobody getting hurt. The person who uploaded the video has said that he plans on taking legal action about this situation.

How this will end, we don`t know yet. The very least we can do is to share this video with you guys, so you can judge for yourself. Do you think the cop did the right thing or did he overstep his bounds? Check out the video and let us know what you think about this whole thing.

Lastly, follow this link to read some statistical data regarding the police brutality! This MUST stop!

Video Credits: East Texas Heat Productions