Amazing Biker Girl Who Performs Tricks While Doing A WHEELIE!

Hello Gearheads! Let`s talk a little bit about our world, shall we? The Auto world, which, by the way, was called the MAN`s WORLD many times! Well, in a way, we can see where all that comes from, the audience we have is mainly consisted of men. However, we can still brag about having a biker girl as well!

However, we have posted many videos here that had the idea of breaking the stereotypes and prove that women indeed, can be great Gearheads, amazing bike stunt performers, amazing drifters or drivers!

That is why, we have decided to post another video that we ran into, that literally left us speechless! We are talking about a girl that is amazing and we would all want to marry her if possible! The biker girl performs some amazing tricks while doing a wheelie on her bike! And we are not talking about doing tricks on some abandoned parking lot, this one takes it out directly on the highway!

All eyes are on her as she controls that giant beast of a bike and gives us one trick after another! Amazing girl, check her out on the video below!

Finally, click here to watch in action the Eco Bike girl that you will want to marry!