How The Legendary BMW S54 Engine Is BUILD!

We all love watching videos of things being made, especially when it comes to car parts and that is the reason why we take a look at the following video in which we see how a S54 engine is put together at the production line.

BMW S54 Engine car e46 m3 1

This classic engine is used in the BMW E46 M3 and the sound of it is what makes this engine so exceptional. Its roaring can be heard and recognized from a distance by literary anyone. Though the video is short and we do not see the complete build, it is surely enough to grab our attention. It starts with the imprinting of the engines` serial number. A high speed puncher makes tiny holes thus writing down the numbers on the engine plate.

Then the lower down and secure the crankshaft inside the block. This is easily done with the help of a machine. Of course this needs oiling and the experienced worker pours just enough oil to get the engine going. He rolls it with his hands to make sure everything is nice and smooth. Then the pistons are placed and secured inside the cylinders. The holders which hold in place nice and tight the crankshaft are bolted in place. Everything is double checked to make sure no mistake is made during the production process.

Check the video for more and see how the S54 engine looks like when is fully complete and out of the production line. Is this the best sound ever made by an engine?

At last, follow this link to read all the details about this engine.