New Record For The BIG CHIEF CROWMOD! The Beast Goes 3.99 @ 190MPH at No Mercy 7 Radial!

As you know, we are following the story about the Big Chief Crowmod from the very beginning. We have seen how everything went awesome with the first ever pass. Afterwards the real battles begun and this extreme monster star from Street Outlaws came up victorious in every single drag race. Even the unusual opponents such as “The Swamp Thing” and the Daddy Dave`s Goliath 2.0 were a piece of cake for this Pontiac Firebird Crowmod.

The successful round of achievements doesn’t stop here. The monster happened to have another ace upon its sleeve at No Mercy 7 Radial race this week. The Big Chief Crowmod powered by a 482 cubic inch Pontiac Big Block continues to move the boundaries. This time, a new record is set by running exactly 3.99 in the 1/8th at 190 miles per hour. But, will that be enough to go against the baddest radial cars at this event. Only time will reveal us the answer of this big question, as the elimination round is taking up these days. So, what are your bets? Is the Big Chief Crowmod ready for this competitive race? Feel free to share your answers in the comment section below.

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