Awesome Drifting & Burnout Ends Up Desperately! The Blower Just FLEW AWAY!

To all of you who have not been there, Spring Nuts is a traditional Car Festival held on the last weekend of November at the place Shepparton in Australia. This event offers fun for every taste, including awesome drifting, a bit of racing, burnouts etc.

As experience tells, these kinds of manifestations have always some interesting stories to share, when things did not end up as they were supposed to. Luckily, these funny situations are usually recorded by someone from the audience and for our pleasure today we have the chance to see an incredible burnout that ends up not so awesome.

During his smoky performance in front of the public, the driver named Grump starts fulfilling his dream that suddenly will be ruined by an unpredictable moment. Actually, the blower that is placed on the top of the hood falls off and by that stops the overall show that could have ended way much better. The shocked audience greets this performance with applause and that is something that everybody would need in these dangerous and awkward moments. Fortunately, no one was hurt during this burnout that we have to admit, started excellent and had the potential to end great.

Enjoy the video below!

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