Another Awesome Mopar Barracuda With That Unique Sound!

Here we go with another `Cuda beauty that was spotted on our video-radar, one fine example that deserves our attention and needs to be seen by many of the Plymouth Barracuda aficionados. Especially because this fine example is coming from Europe, where one cannot see many classic American muscles that often, let alone, such a fine example, like this (probably) 1970 Plymouth Mopar Barracuda that was spotted on the roads in Holland.

From my own experience, combined with most of the facts about it that we are coming along the way, people in Europe are either definitely in love with the American muscles, or simply think of them as a big and heavy fuel eating beast that are things of the past. I`m not going to comment about the latter category now, because here we have a European guy who definitely knows how to appreciate the ultimate beauty and the timeless allure of the vintage Detroit muscle. I say that because it is obvious from the very first look at that Mopar Barracuda, and of course, from the perfect sound of the engine that we can hear. It is beautifully preserved specimen of Plymouth `Cuda.

Other than that, we do not have any other info about this great Plymouth Barracuda to add, so we are not going to speculate anything about it, but will simply leave you to enjoy this short video with this great classic American muscle on European soil. But if this got you interested to find out more about the awesome Plymouth Barracuda, go to this link.