Aaron Kaufman Launches His New Business Venture & Makes A Legendary COMEBACK!

Aaron Kaufman comes back stronger than ever!

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Aaron Kaufman Launches His New Business Venture & Makes A Legendary COMEBACK! As we said in our previous article about him, whatever happens with this talented guy, you need to be sure that you will be the first to know… so there you go. We are all familiar with the bearded wonder.

For years he has been a trusted right hand man of Richard in his show, Fast n` Loud. But many fans were shocked when Aaron announced his departure from the show.

Only short time after, this talented mechanics appeared on the show Mega Race on Discovery Channel. The goal of the show was to build a do-it-all racer on a limited budget. After this show, Aaron Kaufman took a big step forward in his life. He decided to open his own shop called the Arclight Fabrication Co.

The main focus in his new workshop would be his all time favorite passion, the Ford F100 pickup trucks, though he will be working on other projects as well. To begin with, he will get several F100`s to work on and customize each one according to the needs.

Also, Aaron Kaufman will organize a cruise called the Fun Hundred Run in which many of his fans and friends who own a F100 will take part in. Some of the best routes in Texas have been chosen, as they go driving the whole day, and during the nights they will go camping and telling stories. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below and tell us what do you think!

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