7 Things That The Car Industry is Changing Today!

As technology progresses and peoples` tastes change, some of the features we love about cars are slowly dying out. So in the following video we take a look at 7 things the car industry has to make a comeback on. First on the list is the hydraulic steering. The trend of making cars easier to drive and steer led to over-assisted steering, thus nowadays we are not able to feel the real feel of driving a car. Next on the list of comebacks should be the five-cylinder engines. They are very useful because you can fit a larger displacement motor into smaller engine base; they have a smooth power delivery as well.

Big engines should make a comeback as well, as the car industry due to money saving tends to avoid manufacturing them these recent years. But we would all love to hear the roaring sound and feel the engine as we put our foot on the gas pedal. The turbo lag is the next thing, though the car manufacturers seek towards excluding everything that might be dangerous, but we would all love a little bit of excitement while driving. Check the video for more and maybe you could add something else!

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