ROARING Monstrous Cummins Diesel Sound In A Tunnel! This Beasty 5.9 Engine Will Change Your Pants!

With awesome power comes awesome sound! And in this next video we got both! Screaming turbo engine sound that will arouse every guy on the whole planet! We just couldn`t help but share this with our fellow gearheads. And although we`ve shared lots and lots of different sounds that are the product of amazing engines, this one ranks pretty high up! The ravaging Cummins diesel sound!

The guy who owns this truck has a pretty mean engine inside indeed! It is a 5.9L turbo engine! And the sound of that turbo sounds like it is not stock! We presume this guy has fitted a bigger turbo, because no stock turbo can sound the way this one sounds! Tunnel or not! Oh and yeah, just wait till you hear that turbo in the tunnel. You`ll fall in love with that Cummins diesel sound in no time! Ford guy or not!

We are rating the Cummins 5.9 engine pretty high. We can safely say it`s one of the best engines ever built! Originally it was being designed and manufactured for trucking appliances. But Chrysler decided to fit one into a Dodge Ram Pickup truck in 1989. After that, a whole legion of people fell in love with it! And this Cummins Diesel sound in the future, is a proof that Dodge brought an outstanding choice! Because of its amazing efficiency, it became extremely popular with medium and light truck owners!

This here Cummins Diesel Sound that you are about to hear doesn`t sound like it comes from a truck at all. In fact, it sounds like it comes from some big rig! And a tunnel is a perfect place to try this Cummins Diesel sound out! Nothing sounds like a loud 5.9 Cummins engine with a fitted turbo shifting through the gears!
We just wish we knew what kind of exhaust this guy has. We presume those are straight pipes that are rocking that sound! Music to our ears!

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