If you are a type of muscle car aficionado who loves those muscle rides that we see in films like Mad Max, and a few others, that are dealing with the theme of survival in a post apocalyptic world, where nothing is the right size, usual and normal, then the following DIESEL PLYMOUTH video will be a good guide to how those awesome rides are being made.

Those huge, highly customized muscle cars and all kinds of SUVs that look so powerful, like they can go to the very pits of the hell and back, just to have a little fun! You know what I`m talking about, right?

Well, today you will have an opportunity to hear and see this process in many details -- how one such muscle car is becoming, `cause what we actually have here is an episode of Dirt Every Day. That means 30 minutes clip in which you will meet Fred and Dave, and how are they going to transform one very old, rusty, and good for nothing 1973 Plymouth Road Runner, using huge off-road tires and a 5.0 liter V8 Turbo Diesel Cummins engine.

Of course, many other materials and muscle work as well!

Sounds like fun? You bet it is! So better check out the video below and start watching the show and enjoy it! And when you are done and see the final DIESEL PLYMOUTH, and want to compare it with what they`ve started with, go to this link.