We all know that in the world of cars, bikes and trucks, people are and always will be very passionate and devoted to creating the most endurable and powerful engine that will transform their ride into their dream vehicle. And as the years are passing by, the standards are becoming higher and higher, thus we have a constant pleasure of seeing new mechanical and technical inventions which are helping us to achieve our goal for a vehicle that will as best as possible. Today we are going to show you a clip from the very first supercharged and compound turbo diesel Cummins engine (the video is about two and a half years old).

This great and powerful motor is one of the custom systems, a product of Crazy Carl`s Turbos and innovative diesel products. The way they describe it, this is their latest development in the constant pursuit of a perfect Dodge Cummins motor. This turbo diesel Cummins can achieve an instant boost and give the Cummins` driver an ultimate driving pleasure and joy. It produces a serious amount of power and it is able to be run with the current turbo in your truck, and give you an amazing top-end performance.

So check out the video below to get a better `visual mode` of this great new turbo system for your Cummins truck. And if you want to find out more details about it, go to this link, and find out everything you need to know.