7 Crappy Exhaust Pipes Which Make the Car Look Ugly!

We all love a nice set of exhaust pipes. However these past several years, car manufacturers have come up with modern looking exhaust tips to hide the smaller conventional pipes. Though this might seem like a simple solution to this problem, it is not always so straight forward. Many of them are just poor imitations to hide the obvious. In the following video we examine the 7 crappy exhaust pipes that make the car look utterly ugly.

7 Crappy Exhaust Pipes fake car ugly 1

They come in all shapes and sizes -- rectangular ones, big ovals and so on. First on the list of crappy exhaust pipes is the one on the Audi RS6, followed by the Audi R8.

Both of these cars have the oval shape exhaust pipe, but it is just a poor heat shield hiding four smaller pipes inside, which is disappointing. Next on the list is the Lexus IS-F, followed by the Skoda Octavia VRS. Though this might be surprising, you should check the video and decide for yourself. The list is completed with the Mercedes C-class and the AMG GT, both of which have crappy exhaust pipes which could have been designed better. Last but not least is the Ferrari California. What do you think, will exhaust pipes manufacturing improve in the future?

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