Skoda Limo Stretched By Enthusiastic Duo! This Skoda Is Turned Into A Gorgeous Limousine!

Prepare to be amazed by this Skoda limo. Today we have a lot of cars that are on the market, and are converted into stretched versions of the same model, in other words turned into limousines. But imagine you want a car like for example a Skoda Octavia in a stretched out version or a limousine. However, you can`t find that car on the market because it`s not quite considered and classified as a luxurious cruiser.

But you really want a stretched out model of your desired non luxurious car? Well, to answer that question for you, the answer is, you go out, collect a couple of versions of the car that you would like to be turned into a limousine, and you make a stretched out version of that model with a bit of good old ingenuity.

And as we know, the Skoda Octavia is not exactly a car that most of you would like to see as a limousine. But for Martin Jinek and Jaroslav Valenta it was a project that had to be tackled. Mechanic Martin Jinek and his friend who is an electrician Jaroslav Valenta, made a coalition to build a limousine version of Skoda Octavia and to make the perfect Skoda limo car.

The Skoda brand back in the days was known for a very shoddy engineering just like the Yugoslav brand Zastava (Flag, literary translated). But when Skoda was acquired by Volkswagen back in 2000 that shoddy engineering reputation was diminished. Skoda acquired a totally new reputation when it was bought by Volkswagen, a reputation for reliability and high performance. And this Skoda Limo was made out of two individual Skodas. It is 22 feet long. One cut behind the seats and another cut in front of the seats were made. That allowed the car to preserve the original doors while pushing the length of the vehicle chassis.
Anyway, if you want to see a Skoda limo car, we are sure that it will bring joy and happiness to you! The perfect Skoda limo.

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