Ferrari California T Handling Specicale Is At 2016 Geneva Motor Show And The Audience Went Mad About It!

Ferrari California T Handling Specicale 4

The 2016 Geneva Motor Show is underway! The city is filled with fast and luxurious cars as well as with some true power! This year is really something special with McLaren presenting their very best efforts so far, Lamborghini with their 100th founder birthday anniversary and the Lambo Centenario and many more! Now, it`s time to see what Ferrari has, we present to you the Ferrari California T!

Ferrari California T Handling Specicale 2

The Ferrari California T has the amazing extra option “Handling Specicale”. This one is probably going to be ordered with every unit. The extra option allows 16% stiffer springs (front) and 19% stiffer springs (rear)! The Specicale for the Ferrari California T is on sale immediately as the German salons have it for 6.902 euros!