Massive RC HELICOPTER With 47 LBS Turbine at 93,000 RPM!

RC toys are created for only one purpose, making adults enjoying their free time like kids but with more powerful and bigger toys. The world of remote control is also way more complex than it seems. There are many different ways to be involved and many different levels of seriousness. It can be a hobby, but it also can be something way more than that. This one definitely falls under the latter category. These guys managed to design a massive RC helicopter and the result is a 47lbs turbine that delivers 93,000RPM!

Massive RC Helicopter 4

This is definitely more than a hobby and will leave you awestricken. To be more precise with specifications, it has a 4-bladed tail and 6-bladed head. Mains are 34 inches and tails are 7 inches. It uses two different fuels, started with Propane and then it flies on Kerosene.

It has a scaled down body of a CH-54 Sikorsky Stallion. It can fly up to 10 minutes. This massive RC helicopter really has a lot to offer and it guarantees one very wild ride. The perfect birthday present for every RC enthusiast. We just wonder how much this magnificent helicopter costs. Click on the video video below and tell us if this is the sickest RC helicopter you have ever seen.

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