These Are The Very BEST RC Aircrafts In ONE PLACE!

Bet you did not think of RC aircrafts when you read `toys for grownups`, but this is really as good as that in the motorhead-gearhead way! First of all, we should apologize to these airplanes that we called them toys, since these are proper jets! They found themselves on a runway. All the RC lovers -- which we respect very much -- with their tiny little RC planes that probably cost more than our cars!

Actually, knowing that they go somewhere around $17.000 dollars, my ride has been beaten by a great amount of money!

After seeing them and admiring them, the owners decided to take them on a real test! The all got them far enough and then swooshed them into the air one by one!

Knowing that these little jets have a proper engine, nasty sound – you know things are serious! Watching them all go into the air at once was a real paradise for our eyes! The guys take this sport serious which can be expressed by the money and time invested in these “toys” as we ironically called them earlier! Have fun with the jets, see ya!

If you want to see a great story about a 7 year old pilot follow this link!