As you may have noticed so far, we love presenting you videos featuring remotely controlled vehicles as well as aircrafts. They may not correspond completely with the name of our web page, but you have to admit that they are equally as fun as real vehicles! There is nothing wrong in liking RC cars or planes. In fact, they require a high set of skills in order to be able to operate with them! Just like the skills needed for driving a car in fashion. Nevertheless, today`s video clip has to offer one flight that won`t leave you nonchalant. We are talking about an RC airplane named XL Boomerang RC Plane, which is one big plane! It is 94 inch long and has 96 inch wingspan!

However, the best part is yet to come! This Boomerang RC plane is powered by a jet turbine, making this type of plane capable of reaching speed of up to 200 mph! On the other hand, this plane is very easy to build. It is even easier if you have some prior experience. It takes up to 8 hours to completely finish the plane! Finally, put your hands together for the amazing piloting!

Finally, click here to watch the insane performance of a 17 year old teenager who surprised the public with his RC Plane!