HUGE RC Helicopter At 2015 Weston Park International Model Show!!

Engineering has gone so far! It is amazing how many things we see nowadays, it`s like nothing can surprise us anymore. Turns out, even RC vehicles evolve and improve, but not only do they improve their performances, but also – their SIZE! It`s normal to see an RC Truck being fast, have realistic sound and so on, but it wouldn`t be normal to see it on the streets, looking like a regular BIG car! Well, take a look at this RC helicopter. This HUGE RC Helicopter sure looks different that the other RC helicopters, it`s MUCH bigger! Well, it`s not the size of a real heli, but, anyway, it`s HUGE!

This scaled helicopter is more that good. It has everything, the sound, the movement, the elegance! Actually, if there were no people around it to compare size, we would all think it was a regular helicopter and moved on with our lives. But it`s NOT, and that`s why you need to see this piece of art as it smoothly takes off the ground and swings into the air! So, take a look at this HUGE RC Helicopter and let us know what you think about it, and RC vehicles in general?

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