Meet Dr. Heli & His Jetcat PHT 3 Turbine Powered Eurocopter EC 135 – RC Helicopter! 17M VIEWS!

Those of you who love and are big fans of `RC toys` are about to have a really good time watching the following video bellow and get familiar with this Jetcat PHT 3 turbine powered, a perfect 1:6 scale replica of helicopter, called Eurocopter EC 135. It is one of those great toys for adults, with whom you are having a perfect way to fulfill your spare time, doing what you love the most. And when one has enormous amount of affections towards these types of mechanical achievements, a small machine that can fly is a real bullseye if you ask me.

It is funny to see how everyone falls in love with this RC Helicopter once they lay an eye on it. Many think of owning this and who are we to blame them? Is there a single living person without the desire to own this Eurocopter EC 135?! Of course not, we are one of them!

As abovementioned, Eurocopter EC 135 is 1:6 scale replica of the real thing, powered by a 2 stroke engine (7 kW) with double exhaust, Futaba transmitter, weighting about 31 pounds. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with much more info about it, especially about its designer and constructor, but never the less, it is only a small thing that should not bother you to fully enjoy the video.

It really is one hell of a good helicopter that will give you a positive vibes whilst watching it, as it starts up and then takes off from the green field polygon. I would only add that the pilot should improve his flying skills in order to use the maximum potential of this great flying machine.

Finally, if you want to find something interesting to buy for your kids, regarding RC Helis, follow this link!