Going On A Wild DRIFTING WITH ROMAN ATWOOD, Equipped With A NISSAN 240SX & MAZDA MIATA! Anyone Interested?!

Being a good host when someone comes to visit you, is one of the essential trades people have, which reveals a lot about their character and personality. So, if you`re a typical Gearhead, who`s out with his `better half` for a shopping, and hear that someone you know (or who`s close to you), and who you`d like to see as your guest, comes to your place, what would you do?! Skate off the shopping activity and reschedule it for a better moment, leave your old lady, and go for a wild ride!? Or perhaps, if your woman is also down with it, then the two of you go out together and give your guests a `proper` welcoming!

Something like a scenario for the following clip that we`d prepared for you today, in which our `good ol` friend Adam LZ (we`ve shown you a few of his drift videos, with BMW, Nissan GTR…) and his woman got a short term notice, informing them that their friend Roman Atwood is coming.

When it comes to this guy, I believe that (at least) a good part of you know him quite well, mainly from his YouTube videos, and the pranks he makes, which had been seen by more than a billion people (literally)! Needless to say, this time Roman also came equipped with his cameras, hoping to come out with a cool video material.

And if we are to judge from Adam`s video, he sure as hell got it! His good host and his pretty female companion took him out with their Nissan 240SX drift beast, and the Mazda Miata, and gave him a wild drifting experience on the parking lot. And if that wasn`t enough, they continued their day with the BMX bikes…

But I think I better stop here, and let you watch the video yourselves, and enjoy these cool 14 minutes of fun and joy! And since we`re on the subject of drifting, go to this link if you want to see more awesome drift videos, that`ll give you an adrenaline rush!