Creativity At Its Finest! AH-6 Model RC Helicopter Hooked As A Ceiling Fan! Wicked!

Toys are made so that kids can have fun with them. This doesn`t mean that someone a bit older can`t enjoy them as well! There are certain toys that can be fun for people of all ages! Lego is the most prominent company that makes toys that even adults use. However, what you are about to see in this video is not made from small plastic bricks. In the video that we are sharing with you today, you will witness the creativity of some people who decided to use a toy in a very unorthodox way.

If you are in possession of an AH-6 model helicopter, you would probably play around with it. These guys however, thought of a different way to use it. They hooked up the small helicopter to a ceiling fan to make it look like it is floating in the air! It is very simple, but it`s still really creative!

Boredom can make some people very creative in their own way. At least, this is what we presume happened here. The actual AH-6 model helicopter toy can`t fly, so this is the next best thing! To make things even more genuine, the color of the helicopter and the ceiling fan match perfectly! We don`t know if this was planned or plain coincidence, but it looks nice nevertheless. As for the real AH-6 helicopter, it is an American lightweight helicopter that is used by the United States Army.

It has a top speed of 175mph and it can transport up to 6 passengers. It has been in active use for several decades, so it really is no wonder that there is a toy of it! If you are a fan of the military and toys, then this video will be perfect for you! Enjoy.

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