This 3 Bladed Goblin 700 RC Helicopter Is A GIANT DRAGONFLY!

We have only one very straightforward question: HOW?! How does this exceptional RC operator perform all of these remarkable RC copter stunts? It is simply not enough to put our thumbs up or hats down. He is flawless. And nobody can deny that! Even the biggest hater there are! However, in order to be able to perform the tricks you are about to see in the video below, he naturally needs a quality gear. This three-bladed GOBLIN 700 RC helicopter most definitely works for him! And together, they are doing magic!

In addition, you are going to see that everyone is enjoying the astonishing stunts by the GOBLIN 700 RC! The crowd absolutely loves the acrobatic moves, the turns and the pace of this incredible RC helicopter! A truly epic experience! And then there is that moment when it goes high in the sky and then manages not to crush into the ground! The crowd is filled with joy and once you see it, you will be too! This crazy dragonfly-like object will grow to your heart in an instant! ! It will make you want to fly it high to the sky and perform all sorts of dangerous things with it! It truly is a one of a kind toy designed especially for the most adventurous among us!

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