WOW! 1936 Ford Hot Rod called “The Zombie Hunter” At 2016 Pigeon Forge Rod Run Event! Thoughts?!

Let`s talk about some insane creativity. That is exactly what we have from the 2016 Pigeon Forge Rod Run Event! The kind of vehicle that will definitely come in very handy in an apocalypse. Imagine a “Walking Dead” type of zombie apocalypse, where many zombies are going on a killing frenzy. The dead gathered in huge masses and going after the living! Yeah, that would be a pretty unfortunate scenario. But, what is the vehicle that will come in very handy in this type of a dreadful scenario, you wonder? Well, in this video, presented at the 2016 Pigeon Forge Rod Run Event, we have one 1936 Ford hot rod that is called “The Zombie Hunter”! Damn right. Zombies, think again when preying on the living. Because, you are going to get grinded! Turned into mincemeat! So think again zombies. On second thought, zombies can`t have the good old train of thought, they are utterly brainless!

This gruesome 1936 Ford hot rod is presented to us in this video by the YouTuber ScottieDTV! And as we can see, it is very grim. But, wait till you see what`s inside this gruesome hot rod. It is filled with all kinds of weapons, like a couple of M16s! ScottieDTV is saying that those M16s would come in really handy for his Mustang. Weapons are not the only accessories. We can see a lot of other horrid stuff to. Like severed zombie heads used as pendants. There are tons of other stuff inside too.

Up next, we get a close up on the engine. And the engine is pretty frightful to! It is a massive Ford big-block engine. It is devilishly red consisting a red scull and red spikes coming out of it. It sure looks like an engine with some immensely hellish powers. Later on in the video we can see fire coming out of the huge exhausts that are situated up front on the hood spitting fire! This grisly 1936 Ford hot rod also has machine guns mounted on the top of its hood. Ready to turn those zombies into Swiss cheese!

Rick and the other guys from “The Walking Dead” sure would love to have this ultimate zombie killing machine in their possession!

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