IRON FIST – James Hetfield, METALLICA’S Guitarist 1936 FORD!

If you`re a Metallica fan, than you`ve probably heard about James Hetfield`s beauty called The Iron Fist! He brags a lot about it in his interviews, or if bragging is a harsh word, let`s say he likes to talk about it! And why not when you think about it, we all long for a car like this! Especially us who love classics!!! The 1936 Ford, IRON FIST, as he calls it, is definitely one of the best old timers we have seen so far! You can see the LOVE that is put in this vehicle! With the AWESOME paintjob thanks to the guys from Darryl Hollenbeck`s Vintage Color Studio situated in Concord, California!

This incredible custom car was captured by Todd Westbrook while it was attending the Good Guys 30 All-American get-together in the town of Pleasanton, California! If you wander who was the artist that put this ride all together, the answer is Blue Collar Customs from Sacramento, the capital city of California! However, you have something wonderful ahead of you! A video that is long enough for you to see the car in every angle you like! Check out the paintjob on this 1936 Ford, the interior as well as the rims and enjoy!

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