How Much Is A 1000HP Toyota Supra Turbo Worth? CarMax Gives Us The Answer!

If you are not familiar with CarMax, they are a used-car dealership that would buy any car even if you don`t buy theirs. However, they are also pretty notorious for lowballing everyone. Carmax is always assuming the worst when estimating the car`s price. So, one YouTuber came with a great idea to see how much they think a 1000HP Toyota Supra Turbo is worth. Now, to be honest, this video is not really to give us a perfect answer because as we said previously CarMax are really lowballing and giving ridiculous offers. Having said that, this video is made for entertaining purposes.

When it comes to entertainment, this video really provides that. The people at CarMax are doing what they are supposed to do and giving such low numbers that it`s an insult. At the end, when you see the appraisal offer, you will get insulted as well. So, according to CarMax, a 1000HP Toyota Supra is worth measly $15,000! Yeah folks, CarMax thinks that one of the most powerful drag racing weapons is worth. This is so ridiculous when you take into consideration that maybe only the transmission is worth around $10,000! Now, this guy is not a fool to sell his 1000HP Supra for 15K of course, he just wanted to get a free appraisal.

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