Meanwhile In Japan: 2 Stroke Scooter Drag Racing Spectacle!

The Japanese have a different and unique culture that results in the Japanese having some entertainment choices and hobbies that may seem a bit unusual to us in the States. One example of such a hobby is 2 stroke scooter racing. These tiny scooters are tuned to the max. They are so powerful that some of them are even featuring wheelie bars in order the front end to stay down. The scooters that has wheelie bars are maybe faster. However, the ones that doesn`t have wheelie bars are definitely more exciting to watch.

These ones are having a tendency to force the nose skyward instantly. You can also see them burning the tires on wood instead of asphalt, which is more efficient than the abrasive surface. You have probably seen scooters like this here in the States. One such example is Honda`s Ruckus. It has some pretty neat modifications. However, we got to say, they are mild when it comes to performance. Instead, they are more focused on cosmetic upgrades. Nevertheless, we think there is a demand for 2 stroke scooter racing like in the video below in the United States. It`s a completely unexplored market and with the right crowd we think this is possible stateside.

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