Wheeler Dealer At A Tokyo Car Auction With $8,000! This is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT From Buying Cars In The USA!

You might not know them, but what they do will definitely interest you! Wheeler Dealers is the name of the show, and hosts Mike Brewer and Edd China do what many of us respect. They purchase old and worn out enthusiastic vehicles, repair and improve them and then sell them to a new owner! This time around, Mike Brewer partakes in a Tokyo car auction, where he tries to get a Daihatsu Tanto.

He arrived in Tokyo with just over $12,500, but decided to bid something more than 650,000 yen, or slightly over $8000, without wanting to risk his pot on the first car. Here we can see how different Japanese auctions are in comparison to the American ones. Japanese people wanting to purchase a car gather in one place, and sit down in a booth where there is a computer. The computer screen is projected onto a much bigger cinema screen in the center of the room, so that everyone can see the bidding. This way of auctioning enables the Japanese to sell 300 cars every hour!

As Mike puts it, he feels like he is a video game. There is a little joystick that has one button, which you need to press in order to bid. The rates go up incredibly fast, and the cars are sold even faster! Like we said previously, Mike came to the Tokyo car auction in order to get himself a Daihatsu Tanto. This particular car showed up two times at the auction. The first time, it sold for 980,000 yen, or about $12,000.

The second time the Daihatsu Tanto showed up, Mike immediately pressed the button the register his bid. However, he was unlucky again, as this time the car he wanted reached a price of 910,000 yen. We hope that he gets that car eventually, and for the price he wants!

And if you want to bid for a car for yourself while sitting cozy at your home, follow this link!