The Ultimate Buying ADVICE For Used Cars! Expert Tips From Wheeler Dealers’ Mike Brewer & Edd China!


Wheeler Dealers` pair, Edd China and Mike Brewer, made a very successful show based on buying used car advices. Their tips are respected by many car experts and gearheads around the world. In this article, we are going to share with you some of their exclusive tips.

  1. When first approaching the used car, you need to inspect the surroundings. For example, if someone is selling an expensive car, but live in a messy house, the chances are huge that the car is not properly cared for either.
  2.  Afterwards, you need to pay for a nice mechanical inspection. This will give you the necessary feedback.


3. Another important tip is to always do your homework. For example, you need to ask the owner whether they took any long trips recently.

4. Never buy the first one you see is a good advice as well. You need to check three or four before buying. That way you can make a nice comparison.

5. If you are really interested in the car, make sure to check all the paperwork you can find. You need to know what has been previously done on the car.

6. Up next, carefully inspect the interior for any tear and wear. Also, you need to inspect the floor for any water damage. Other expert advice from the pair is to never rush. Give yourself enough time.

We hope you find this buying used car advices from Wheeler Dealers helpful. Feel free to tell us what you think!


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