Wheeler Dealers Funny Hitler Parody! Mike Brewer Is In A Lot Of Problems Struggling With Ratings!

We are sure everyone who isn`t living under a rock knows about the Hitler parodies! Parodies where all kinds of problems and material in general are addressed through a scene from the German film – Downfall! The scene where Hitler together with his associates are down in the Führerbunker knee-deep in problems! Through hilariously titling Hitler in the movie, some people proved to be very creative over the years! And we have yet another funny Hitler parody, where the show Wheeler Dealers is targeted! It is one Wheeler Dealers funny Hitler parody!

We`ve shared a lot of Wheeler Dealers videos for you over the years. The show where Mike Brewer and Ed China buy old classic cult vehicles and restore them to their former glory! Afterwards, they sell the cars for profit and that`s how they help fund their show. However, as everyone, the Wheeler Dealers are a target to pranksters! Thus, a Wheeler Dealers funny Hitler parody was born! Wheeler Dealers are trolled in a way that their competitors are making better shows than they are. That the new series sucks and that no one is interested in a Fiat Panda!

Mike Brewer is depicted as Hitler in this parody in a very funny way! His associates are telling him that the viewers are preferring shows like “Chasing Classic Cars”, “Fast N Loud” and “Overhaulin” while pointing on the map. Mike Brewer as Hitler hilariously shuns them off by saying that they don`t know anything! Up next, Hitler`s associates are telling him that they should find a mechanic like Edd China that will work for free. In which Mike Brewer as Hitler replies: “If I counted Edd`s labor, we would lose $2,700 on every car!”

Just for fun, Hitler actually was a Wheeler Dealer! However not in cars and in a dark and evil way! Hitler stole much and more art items of huge cultural significance with his Nazi associates! Hitler did this to fund his evil Nazi war machine by selling these items for foreign currency!

Finally, check out the Wheeler Dealers official page to find out more about the show!