Are you ready for a street bike, rally car and a snowmobile on ice? Ready for some art? We guarantee this is something you have never seen in your lives before! 3 types of vehicles that you would not normally associate, have joined together and went driving and riding in a Lapland place that is called Levi Rally Center! Prepare to have SO MUCH FUN in the next 3 minutes as you enjoy these Triumph Daytona Street Bike, the Polaris RMK as well as a Porsche Rally Car drifting and going wild on the ice!!! It is interesting when you see all the vehicles that you would probably associate exclusively with asphalt – riding on the snow and ice!

Seeing a Street Bike as it drifts on the snow is something very strange for us, the snowmobile on the other hand is playing the home field! The video is awesomely and professionally made as one of the best drivers and riders from each category participated. People such as Janne Myllyoja, Seppo Huotary, Jani Ylipahkala and Juha Ruokolainen! The film was made by Elisa Ahlberg, Pera Hussi, Jani Sipola and Mikko Huusko! Stay tuned and see the magic and more importantly – the MAGICIANS, STREETBIKE, RALLYCAR And SNOWMOBILE ON ICE!

Anyway, isn’t this the best snowmobile ever invented?