David Morley Has So Much Fun with Huracán in the SNOW!

By now, we have seen so many awesome examples of all kinds of cars, and other improvised vehicles that are coming from Australia, I think that I really do not have to stress the fact (which is just a logical conclusion) that the Ozzies really know how to make a great and powerful car, and how to have fun with it. Today we are going to show you one really cool video clip with the Australian car reviewer and enthusiast David Morley, who is showing to his countrymen how much fun can be driving a 600HP supercar in the snow. Something that they can never do, which is kind of ironic!

So, let us start the way he opens his video, that snow and frozen lake probably is not the first place you would think about driving one awesome example of Lamborghini Huracán, unless you have rocks in your head. There are many more suitable places like an open road, or a race track, but when you will see just how much fun it is driving it, drifting it and doing all kinds of stuff in the snow, I think that you will change your mind in a second.

But I do not really comprehend this experiment of David Morley, especially because the whole thing is made in the style of some kind of a tutorial on how to drive in snowy conditions. If it was only him, showing to his viewers about the great experience in the snow, I would have understood it, but this way, it is somehow confusing.

However, check out the video and see those two, black and white Lamborghini Huracán models doing sideways in the snow and enjoy the experience. And if you want to see and read some David Morley car reviews, check out this link.