Is this Suspicious Spotted Van The Apple Self Driving Car?

These days the people from California and New York started to wonder about the mysterious van that appeared in their neighborhoods. Reportedly, the Apple self driving car was seen around the states with strange cameras on which were similar to those that Google uses for its Street View project. Is the leading computer company planning to develop a similar application? There is a high possibility for that, but there is also another explanation that was given by a company`s employee.

One of the giant`s workers unveiled that Apple tries to develop a vehicle that will confront the Tesla`s company concepts. In order to rival the electric car manufacturer, Apple runs some tests on the streets using the mysterious van which is more precisely a Dodge Caravan. However, that can also mean that the company works on creating an autonomous project, like the one that Google released few months ago.

Whatever the purpose is, we hope that this secret project will be soon unveiled by the company itself, which has by the way declined to comment the work of the cameras-equipped Dodge Caravan.

Finally, read this news when it comes to Apple self driving car! What do you thing