It seems that the legendary DeLorean supercar from the movies is destined for extraordinary things. I`m not going to get into it, but I`m sure that all of you can remember it from the Hollywood movies from the 80s, when it became every child`s dream-car. Indeed it was! But it also seems that when it comes to the real-life performance, the DeLorean car was not as nearly as good, or fast, or powerful, like it was in the movies… especially not electric Delorean.

But it seems that some of the smart minds from the Stanford University (who have probably loved it as kids) decided to give it wings, and turn it like no other car and make it very special. I`m talking about the real-life, not the movies, of course.

So, to make a long story short, the guys from Stanford have built an autonomous, electric DeLorean car, which is fully capable to do some serious drifting at large angles. However, their main goal was not to prove that the car could be awesome outside the silver screen as well, but to study how the cars are performing in extreme situations. The DeLorean car is controlled via computer, but as we can see in the video below, not from far away, but from the inside (even though I`m sure that doesn`t have to be the case always).

So have a look at the following clip and see how it looks like to have an electric, self-drifting car! And if you want to find out more about this project, go to this link.