This DeLorean HOVERCRAFT Can Now Be Used In The OCEAN!

DeLorean Car model from the “Back to the future” movie continues to conquer the hearts of many car lovers. ┬áSo far, we have seen the biggest fan of it, the so-called God of Deloreans who owns different versions of the model. The perfect replica of the car was also unveiled this year, and its proud owner took us into the streets with it. However, now it is time to see something way more different from this model. It is time ladies and gentlemen, to see the first DeLorean hovercraft.

This short, but sweet video shows up an old DeLorean that was somehow converted into a super fast boat that is now smashing the waves of the ocean. Travelling in time, or just travelling wherever you want, DeLorean again steals the show with its uniqueness and awesomeness. There is no doubt that this model who was born in the early 80’s will continue to delight and amuse even the most fastidious tastes.

If you want to read the whole history of the DeLorean model, from the basic idea for it through the success in the “Back to The Future” movie, to this wonderful speedboat edition, read this article.