VIN DIESEL Driving The DeLorean From Back To The Future!

What would your reaction be if we were to tell you that two great movies will be merged as one and will have a major movie star in the leading role? Imagine a film that puts Fast And Furious and Back To The Future together and has Vin Diesel driving in the leading role! That would be one amusing movie realization! Well, the video below is actually the trailer for this film! It is called FAST TO THE FUTURE! The narrator in this trailer briefly explains what is this movie about while we see two fiery marks, clearly left from the DeLorean after hitting 88 miles per hour.

In the next screenshot we can see the DeLorean on the streets in a big city, among a crowd of people and Vin Diesel driving it! Obviously, the actor is enjoying the ride and pushes the pedal to the metal heading towards new adventure! All of this would have been great if it was true! Surprising, isn`t it? Maybe, maybe not. This trailer is created by for April fool`s day! Yes, it is kind of late for presenting this video at this time of the year, but it is never late for some fun!

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