When A Russian Pedestrian Becomes A TRAFFIC POLICEMAN!

There is absolutely no person on Earth who want to be stuck in traffic, but people who take initiative in order to improve the situation are rare. Of course, not everyone has the courage to do so, or just the conditions do not allow a civilian to take the matters in his/her own hands. But if there is a situation you really need to have the guts to get into the river of speeding vehicles. That`s exactly what the guy in the video below did! He acted as a deputy traffic policeman, while the real one wasn`t on duty from unknown reasons so far!

He really did a superb job. Just compare the situation at the beginning of the video and at the end. There is a drastic difference. He is so confident, and he really knows how to deal with the situation. This guy even manages to hold the bus in place (the bus`s intention is to go left) while commands the other vehicles. After this, the police officer on duty shows up and both shake hands. Indeed, this brave guy did a superb job as a traffic policeman, even though he was wearing only flip-flops.

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