The Gas Monkey Garage Team Is Losing A Member In The New Season! It’s Aaron Kaufman That Brakes The Duo!

Gas Monkey Garage Team New Season Aaron Kaufman Leave 2

“The Monkeys” had played an important role in our lives, especially to those experiencing the car world through the Gas Monkey Garage. We have all been witnesses of the team making cars look so amazing, fun as they showed us their talents. However, sad news say that the Gas Monkey Garage Team is going to be short for a member as Aaron Kaufman is leaving! The dynamic duo Aaron Kaufman and Richard Rawlings has met the end. Rawlings stated that it is a pity to lose Kaufman and that his talents will be missed.

However, Rawlings adds that it would be an insult for the whole Gas Monkey Garage Team to say that they cannot move on without him. He is a talented guy, brought many innovations but the team still has progressive and quality members! It is hard to believe that such a decision fell right from the sky. But, we are sure that this will turn out well for both Gas Monkey Garage Team and their former member Aaron Kaufman. We wish them all good luck as we are grateful for all the things we learned from them. So long Bearder Wonder – wish you all the best in future and life!

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13 thoughts on “The Gas Monkey Garage Team Is Losing A Member In The New Season! It’s Aaron Kaufman That Brakes The Duo!

  1. icsamerica

    Predictable, spin off in the works.

  2. Kenny

    This used to be my favorite show, but it has gone so far from what it started out as that I don’t care anymore. I don’t care about the bar, the drag race sponsorship, or the nascar sponsorship. The cars aren’t fun anymore, they’ve become stupid. Cars are never completed in one episode, there don’t seem to be many episodes, every other week they try and make me watch stupid youtube videos and the guy that I used to think was so cool has become a middle aged, Steve Tyler wannabe with skinny jeans. Good luck Aaron, this show is done anyway.

    1. The Swine

      Hell. Yes. You said it man.

    2. Nigel

      Yep I’m with you lot, you just get into a Series and it finishes, as for all the drag stuff, the show has lost it has lost its way. The best show is overhauling with the Supertalented Chip is by far the best show and that has finished. But this may be a bit of spin to get people back to the show..

  3. Sean

    The show wasn’t about cars it was all about Richard good Luck Aaron you certainly know what your doing

  4. Norman

    @Kenny, my idea exactly!

    It looks more like a bad comics series then a program about car (re)build pioneers.

    The same with the spin-off “Misfit Garage”, what a bunch of *****!

  5. Big Uli

    And that’s why I watch Wheeler dealers

  6. Bitchin Rides, Chasing Classic Cars, Wheeler Dealers, Overhauling, Fantom Works are the ones I DVR

  7. Enchanted

    Wheeler Dealers is an awesome show. Liked it better when they were in the UK, and Ed is kinda hot.

  8. Lloyd McCord

    Rawlings ego took over the show. Well I guess it always did. But I like wormer and the mopars. He is more entertaining and knows his car history. Wheeler dealers is entertaining as well

  9. Master Mechanic

    Rawlings ego has finally cost him the real star of the show. Good luck Aaron, we’ll be watching.

  10. BTD

    Well, lets see how far the rich kid gets with out him…not far

  11. CherAmigo

    Agree with most of these comments .. .. also not interested in the drag racing, GM Bar & Grill, etc. The best episodes have been and always will be 1) the “hunt” 2) the restoration/customization, 3) the finished product. and watching Aaron do his incredible “thing.” It’s hard to believe he became a self-taught Master Mechanic. That’s no easy accomplishment and I admire him very much for that.
    He will be sorely missed, and the show just won’t be the same anymore without his expertise, and the enjoyment and education of watching how he applies it. Good luck, Aaron .. .. you’ll do very well on your own.

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