Like In The Movies! The Spray That Makes Things Practically Indestructible! Meet The LineX Spray Liner!

Our trucks go through a lot! The truck bed is what suffers the most as we are constantly loading it with heavy stuff! As many manufacturers are frequently showing off the durability of their truck beds, there are some means of protection that we have to do it by ourselves! The truck bed liners are specially designed as defensive coatings which shield the inside of the truck bed! However, sometimes that is not enough as the cargo you are loading in combination with Mother Nature can be devastating on your truck bed! This is where the LineX spray liner comes into play!

LineX counts as the industry leader when it comes to truck bed protection! It offers specially made polymers that incessantly bond to your truck bed, shielding it from almost anything you or the environment can dish out! However, the LineX spray liner is not used only for bed liners! It can be used for rocker panels, truck covers, bumpers, fenders etc. As you can see, what LineX can do for bed liners, it can do for many other things as well!

To prove just how strong and universal this line spray is, Tech Insider made a very interesting video! They put the LineX spray liner to the ultimate test! You won`t believe all the items that this spray is used on! It really proves that it can adheres to almost everything! LineX claims that their spray is used even to shield the walls of the pentagon from bombing! Tech Insider did an experiment of their own and sprayed a few things to see if they`ll brake! The items they coated with the LineX spray liner are a plastic cup, an egg, a clayed pigeon and a cantaloupe! The result is staggering!

Check it out for yourselves and you can share your thoughts with us in the comment section below! Finally, follow this link to find out what is the world’s toughest car!