The One-Of-A-Kind FORD GT GMGT Tackles The Dynamometer!

One thing is definitely a certainty – a vehicle that enters the Gas Monkey Garage exits as it has been re-born! This particular Ford GT is no exception from that rule. You may have seen the episode when this car was actually created, but what has been missing there, was surely the dyno test. Don`t worry, it is right here! Adjust the volume of your sound devices and buckle up, because this vehicle might blow you away. As a matter of fact, you are going to see that when this Ford was placed on the rollers, it blew the camera recording its back away!

Without further ado, let`s figure out the numbers from this dyno test! This one-of-a-kind vehicle managed to reach 808 horsepower and 691 feet-pound of torque! That`s massive! If you are still not convinced in the power of these numbers, press play and then tell us what you think. Anyway, we are positive that you are going to enjoy during the whole video due to the amazing close screenshots presented in it. Wait no more and enjoy watching this footage! And don`t forget, we appreciate your comments!

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