Watch This How-To Video & Learn To Weld Clean Aluminum Without A Welder! Braze Aluminum With Ease!

If you are the type of person that likes to do any house work with his own hands, then this video is for you! What we are sharing with you guys today is a how-to video, showing a way of welding clean aluminum without a welder! Or in other words, you are going to see how to braze aluminum! In order to do this, you will need some aluminum tubing and a propane torch. You will also need aluminum brazing rods. You can purchase everything we just said at Home Depot.

The aluminum is soft enough and it can be cut with ordinary woodworking saw blades, which makes it perfect for type of “welding”. After cutting all pieces to length, you need to tamper with the edges to allow a channel for the brazing material. Before brazing however, it is very important for the aluminum to be clean. (Therefore we emphasize clean aluminum.) With all of this being done, you can advance to the next step, which is the welding!

Clamp up the tubing and heat the clean aluminum using the propane torch. The aluminum is a metal that starts melting at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. This is not the case with the brazing rod however, which will start melting at around 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of the lower melting point, you need to heat the aluminum just enough to melt the rod, but not to melt the tubing. This is crucial when you braze aluminum, and if it not done properly, your effort will go in vain.

Additionally, heating the tubing to the right point may require 4 to 5 minutes. So don`t haste. Next, use the brazing rod from the one end of the channel to the other until it is filled and add a bit more heat at the very end. This process takes patience and practice, so don`t give up if you fail the first time when you braze aluminum! Nonetheless, bonding clean aluminum without a welder might be useful in some situations. Check out the video, and who knows, maybe this is the way to fix your coffee table! Cheers!

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