Is the FORD F 150 Aluminum Cheaper To Fix or is it Steel?!

One of the most important things when we talk about cars, is their maintenance! Every owner wants to keep his ride clean and smooth. You`ve probably all heard about the well-known theory that aluminum is more expensive to fix than steel. You`ve probably wondered the same, did you ever find out? The guys from the video just bought a brand new FORD F 150 aluminum and hit it with a sledgehammer!

Yeah, we know, who would do such thing?! But, hey, at least we`re going to find out if the “aluminum-is-expensive-to-fix” myth is true! The truck has been taken to the body shop, it stayed there for a week and the results came out as we expected!

The Ford F 150 Aluminum really is more expensive to fix! If you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to fix your aluminum panel, be ready to pay $120 per hour of labor work! Did we mention they need 20 hours to fix it? That would cost you $2400 to fix an aluminum panel, whereas for a steel panel, you would pay $60 per hour and it would only take 10 hours to fix it!  Turns out, the traditional steel is cheaper to maintain after all!

Anyway, check out the Ford F150 FX4 towing capabilities!