Metal Melting Done Differently! See How To Melt Metal Using Only Magnets! WOW!

Metal has been an integral part of our society. From the early stages of humanity, up until today, metal has had a huge part in humanity`s development. It can be hammered, heated, fused and so on, to satisfy our needs. The following video shows us the process of heating up a certain metal. What makes this video more interesting is the fact that is an unusual way of heating it up! The most common way of metal melting is the usage of an induction furnace, in which heat is applied to the metal.

In this video however, one person uses the power of magnets to melt metal! This is definitely the first time we have ever seen something like this, so we instantly decided to share this amazing footage with all of you here! The whole process is mesmerizing, and we are certain that you will enjoy it as well.

The video starts with putting a small piece of metal inside a solid copper piping. This copper piping has electricity running through it, creating an electromagnetic field. Thanks to this field, the small metal seemingly floats between the piping. After two minutes spent in the electromagnetic field, the small piece of metal starts to rapidly spin and heat up! At this stage it looks like a little light bulb! Metal melting with the usage of magnets looks incredibly nice!

After some time, the electromagnetic field is turned off, the small piece of metal falls to the ground and splatters! If you work with metal forging, then this video might be perfect for you. As for others, you can watch this amazing video and learn how to melt metal with the usage of magnets! Sit back and enjoy the show!

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