Have You Ever Seen How Metal Nails Are Made? Watch This Video And Find Out!

Now this is one interesting video! Almost everyone has used them at one point in their lives, but almost no one knows how they are really made. We are talking about metal nails of course! This fundamental piece of equipment is essential for building pretty much anything you can imagine! And we have footage of the way they are created! The metal nails can be found in almost anything you own! Their importance has been undoubtedly huge throughout our history.

Even though most of us have been affected by them, almost nobody gives them any attention! Now it is time to change that the best way we know, by putting a video of how they are made right here! For something that is used to join and hold two pieces of something together, metal nails have a generally simple manufacturing process.

Metal nails are made from metal rods. These rods are firstly put in a furnace that heats them up so they can be shaped. We don`t know exactly how hot the nails get while in the furnace, but the bright orange color the nails have when they leave the furnace is implying that it is quite a lot! After getting them out of the furnace, one blacksmith puts the hot metal rod under a trip hammer. This machine hits the rod repeatedly while it`s laid down under it.

This process is important for giving the nail a round shape. And lastly, after the trip hammer has done its job, it cuts off the round metal rod. Another blacksmith picks up the round piece, and puts it in what appears to be a holder. By hammering the top of the metal rod, it gets the famous flattened head of the nails. Watch the whole process here and enjoy!

And if you wondered what kind of tools the blacksmiths use, wonder no more and click here to find out!